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Integration of Global Talent

We help organisations create innovative mentor programs that empower global stakeholders, maximise knowledge sharing and promote employee driven innovation

Ambassador Mentor Program

The promotion of employee driven innovation, while facilitating the integration and retention of both repat and expat talent.

  • Recognition of Repat Potential: Global work orientation
  • Mediate cultural & linguistic barriers that inhibit creativity from becoming innovation

Internal Practice Audit

  • Review of language policy
  • Internationalisation¬† & Integration initiatives

Innovation Team Model

  • Kickoff event
  • Intercultural competency course (6 Sessions)
  • Bilingual language skills development (Da, En)
  • Network events for families (3 months, 6 months)
  • Option to dovetail towards retention packages of expat & repat talent

Management Buy-In

  • Executive English/Danish communication, both written & oral
  • Diversity management consulting