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Birgitte Ovesen

Based on many years of experience as an HR manager and an expat in an international company I have gained in-depth knowledge of all tasks within HR. However, I have unique and special knowledge, strengths and passion when it comes to ex- and repatriations, often as a part of a further development. The wish to work in another country, try your strengths in another culture, use another language, is a big challenge for all parties, often closely linked to the wish to achieve a career or competency development. What mainly drives me is to contribute to development and growth of others and their success to obtain their personal goals.

Having an education in HR and foreign languages and many years of experience, especially from other countries, but also from Denmark, I advise all involved parties about all phases during an ex- and repatriation. I work in Danish, French, German or English as required.

My advice includes Danes going abroad and foreigners coming to Denmark to work or to study. A stay abroad is an important decision for all parties involved, and the absolute success criteria is to consider the whole family, their wishes and needs – and not only for the employee being expatriated.

For me, a cooperation is always based on mutual respect and always keeping in view a win-win. My set of values do play a vital part and “Respect, quality, professionalism” are the main focus in my work.

My personal experience after 28 years as an expat in different countries have highly contributed to my competencies and my big interest in global life and mindset. My expatriations with spouse (husband) and children have given us all an invaluable understanding and insight of foreign cultures and even of the culture of our home country.