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“Globally Local have been a great partner for us in empowering our International newcomers with insight in Cultural differences and Third Culture Kids. Thomas and Anita have given valuable guidelines on how Parents can support dual culture kids and kids who were relocated to Denmark from abroad” 

– Pia Enemark

“Globally Local helped the school’s teachers, admin and leaders to identify the needs of our repatriate families and multi-cultured children. From that we have developed specific programs to support our families better”

– Dom Maher

“It was a pleasure working with Thomas Mulhern from Globally Local, who facilitated the workshop on Danish Culture and Culture shock for international community in Odense. We would happily recommend Thomas/Globally Local to others planning a workshop on cultural adaption”

– Zivile Petronyte

“Globally local offered a wide variety of knowledge and services which were very helpful in taking important decisions”

                                                                                                                                           – Private Client