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Education Sector

Globally Local are first-movers with regards to internationalisation in education. Our team of experts has a keen understanding of the education sector at all levels

Our services include:

  • Optimising admissions and recruitment processes
  • Enhancing intercultural pedagogy and cultural awareness initiatives
  • Psychological counselling for global families
  • Parental & staff guidance regarding how to understand culture shock and the stages of transition


  • Managing expectations of global families
  • Third Culture Kids from an educational and psychological perspective
  • Internationalisation in a Danish context
  • Getting to the core of expat/repat well-being
  • Staff workshops: culture, language, diversity, belonging


“Globally Local helped the school’s teachers, admin and leaders to identify the needs of our repatriate families and multi-cultured children. From that, we have developed specific programs to support our families better.”

– Dom Maher
Skt. Josef’s Roskilde International School