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Global Talent: Onboarding & Retention

Our onboarding and T.A.R.P. models are tailored to the individual employee and their family, in order to increase performance and mitigate the costs of voluntary turnover

T.A.R.P. - Talent Attraction & Retention Package

By partnering with HR and/or global mobility, we help to manage flex relocation allowances. Our proven method helps save both time and money by employing a holistic 360° approach

  • Flexibility from pre-departure through year 1
  • Practical/Psychological support
  • Entire family coverage
  • Expert leadership and know-how


Value Proposition

The average cost of voluntary turnover of a global talent: 500.000 kr.

The cost of our standard TARP package: 100.000 kr.
(1 pre-departure card and 5 cards for the first year)

Any reduction of voluntary turnover above 20% means savings for the company.


Package Breakdown


  • Core-flex support for obligatory and optional practicalities
  • Proactive approach
  • Integration/re-integration screen and plan for entire family
  • Expected outcomes:
    • Clear expectations
    • Ideal solution for children
    • Tailored and realistic language plan
    • Identifying key stakeholders and groups

0-18 months

  • Integration/re-integration/maximising employee experience
  • Enhancing work performance
  • Decrease voluntary turnover
    • Managing culture shock
    • Ensuring academic success and well-being
    • Overseeing tailored language plan
    • Facilitating and growing key contacts
    • Managing the integration process