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Anita Mayntzhusen

My passion and competences to work with international families are fostered through my private and professional experiences. Having a global life, transitioning from one country to another and integrating successfully is facilitated with a global mindset and corresponding professional tools.

The United States, Africa and Central America were all the playing grounds of my childhood. Growing up as an expat has given me valuable insights into the possibilities and challenges that a global life and education provides.

Working for a Danish NGO in Africa provided me with the adult perspective on being both an expat and a repatriating Dane to Denmark.

With a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, I have researched the lives of expatriate children focusing primarily on the child perspective.

20 years in the nursing profession gave me strong qualifications in caring for and counseling families affected by sudden critical illness. In representing Denmark for several years in the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses and in the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses, I was actively involved in creating networking and educational possibilities for Neuroscience Nurses worldwide through international cooperation.

My private and professional life has led me to establish a company where I am able to guide new families through a smooth transition by providing them the tools necessary to make Denmark a place to call home.