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Nicholas Wobido

Nicholas focuses on research and strategic approaches that address existential questions regarding the integration of expats and repats into work and social life in Denmark.

His interest is grounded in more than seven years experience teaching and mentoring the children of immigrants in Denmark. Coupled with an MA in educational psychology, his current focus is to explore the dynamics of us/ them dichotomies within organizations in order help foster the growth of inclusive and participatory cultures.

Growing up in New York with a Danish mother and an American father provided extensive
exposure to experiencing what successful integration and multiculturalism can be. Being married
to a Dane and the father of a Danish-American child, as well as having intimate knowledge of two
national cultural practices has supported the acute awareness of explicit and implicit needs of
expats. With this awareness and experience comes the knowledge of how to negotiate cultural
barriers while making diversity an asset.

Applying these skills to promote globally minded orientations, and build upon the different
knowledge that diversity brings is something that is both beneficial to expats and locals who call
Denmark their home.