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Globally Local Society

At Globally Local we believe in providing sustainable solutions where both locals and expats have the flexibility to succeed at home and abroad

We feel it is essential to create programs where global and local stakeholders can come together, create innovation and feel good about calling our host-country home

Our team of experts achieves this vision by driving innovative diversity management programs and simultaneously boosting integration and internationalisation initiatives, thereby:

  • Creating environments that attract global talent
  • Leveraging the potential of diversity within organisations
  • Promoting cross-cultural communication
  • Providing crucial mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Cultivating conditions that enhance global talent onboarding and retention


The overarching goal is to create an organisational and societal win by enhancing internationalisation, attracting and retaining global talent, driving successful diversity management within organisations as well as supporting the pre-boarding, onboarding and integration of Expats and Global Danes