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Global Danish Society

At Globally Local we believe in providing solutions where families have the flexibility to succeed both in Denmark and abroad, and most importantly, create programs where global and local stakeholders can come together, equally belong and feel good about calling Denmark home

We work to achieve this vision by providing professional packages which help Expats and Global Danes meaningful integrate in Denmark, while helping organisations become even more internationally minded

By simultaneously boosting integration and internationalisation initiatives, we make enhanced talent attraction, retention and innovation benchmarks possible through:

  • Promoting intercultural exchanges
  • Providing crucial networking opportunities
  • Creating fully bilingual organisations
  • Giving Expats a voice as they begin their integration journey
  • Cultivating conditions that provide global & local talent incentives to stay


Globally Local offers unique services to support the well-being of Danes, Expats and Global Danes. We provide tools to the organisation, the individual and families in order to achieve integration and internationalisation goals