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Marian van Bakel

Marian van Bakel is an external consultant for Globally Local, with extensive knowledge of expatriate management, particularly expatriate-local interactions.

Marian focuses on global mobility support, intercultural competence development of (future) global leaders, knowledge management and the role of host country nationals, and intercultural mentoring.

Marian has built her expertise over more than 10 years of research in the expatriation field, supported by her personal experience living and working in various countries such as Denmark, France and the United Kingdom.

She has lived in Denmark since 2013, and is attached to the Department of Marketing and Management of the University of Southern Denmark where she teaches Human Resource Management at both the Bachelor and Master level.

Specialises in the following areas:

o   Expatriate management

o   Breaking out of the expat bubble

o   Intercultural / expatriate mentoring programs

o   Global leadership development

o   Developing intercultural competences