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Ditte Marie Knudsen

I have a Masters degree in law from Aarhus University. During my education, I studied EU law in Belgium. The stay raised my interest in the interaction between Danish law and EU law. Subsequently, I wrote my thesis on immigration law from an EU legal perspective.

Before joining Globally Local, I worked for the immigration ministry under the department of Justice, focusing on areas such as family reunification in compliance with EU rules on free movement.

I specialize in the rules governing primary and secondary free movement within the EU. Through my work, I have gained an understanding of immigration rules in general, including residence and work permits in Denmark. I was born and raised in Aarhus and have lived in both the United States and Belgium respectively.

As a repat with an American husband, I have personally experienced how challenging an application for a residence permit can be. The residence permit is often the first encounter with official Denmark when moving to or back to Denmark. It can be a difficult process to apply for a residence or work permit, citizenship or permanent residence permit in Denmark.

Due to my comprehensive knowledge of immigration law, I can help you by facilitating this transition. If you have any other legal questions, I can also be of direct assistance or can refer you to the relevant authority.