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Thomas Mulhern

My mission is to help make Denmark a more dynamic and inclusive place to live and work. I believe to do this we need to create a society where Danes and Expats can inspire each other in order to help Denmark reach its full potential.

It is in this light and in my role as International Department Head, that I worked to create the first fully Danish/English bilingual school program in Denmark. Danes and Expats alike were able to move outside their comfort zones and break down the barriers of segregation and assimilation. In its place, we were able to succeed in creating a hybrid culture where authentic integration was possible for Expat and Global Danish families and authentic internationalisation was possible for Danes seeking a more global approach.

Helping people integrate is truly a win-win for both the individuals/families involved and the companies/public institutions/schools that they are a part of.

I myself am an Expat who grew up and studied in the United States. As an Expat married to a Dane and as a father to a Danish/American, I have experienced first-hand the barriers that make integration so difficult. I have also learned the tools necessary to break down these barriers and what it takes to integrate, contribute and ultimately make Denmark a lasting home.

Globally Local is more than a job to me, and I will do everything I can to draw upon my personal and professional experiences in order to help individuals, families, and organisations realise the positive potential of a thriving global community contributing to the local Danish society.