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Cultural Training

An intensive 3 week course combining in class language and cultural training combined with authentic cultural excursions around Denmark.

Join our exciting new summer course and develop the theoretical and practical tools to help crack the Danish cultural code!

Our 3-week intensive program will equip you with a theoretical and practical foundation for understanding, appreciating and beginning to participate in the Danish culture.


3 week immersion course:

  • 18 in class lessons focusing on Culture, Danish Culture and Danish work culture
  • 6 excursions to cultural sites in and around Copenhagen, Denmark



  1. Why Culture?
  2. From Emotional Intelligence to Cultural Intelligence
  3. Human beings and culture:
    1. Mental programming – human nature, culture and personality (individuals and cultures
  4. Hofstede´s definition of culture
  5. Ethnocentrism / cultural bias importance – influence on practice
  6. Hofstede’s 6 dimensions of culture
    1. Overview of the dimensions
    2. How Denmark relates to these dimensions
    3. Map out one´s own culture in terms of Hofstede´s dimensions
  7. Work culture in Denmark
    1. Hofstede´s organisational model
  8. Ethnocentrism, cultural bias, understanding of the world
    1. Misunderstandings
    2. Overlaps between Danish and participants´ cultures
    3. Shared understandings & Discrepancies
  9. Understanding – Appreciation – Participation
  10. Nice to have and Need to have



  1. Kierkegaard and Grundtvig (The philosophy of Denmark)
  2. Church & State (The impact of the Danish Lutheran Church then and now)
  3. Architectural walking tour (See how the architecture of Copenhagen mirrors the values of the society)
  4. Castle tour (The monarchy then and now)
  5. H.C. Andersen (Understanding the Danish narrative)
  6. Meet the Danes (Social trust as experienced in daily life)