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Inge Aagard

Inge Aagaard has 15 years of experience working as expat partner advisor, China professional, cultural trainer and career counsellor. With international experience she has been working with expats in relation to expatriations and repatriations, career counselling, network facilitation and personal development. Among the tools used are cultural intelligence, personality profile test and team analysis tools, coaching and many years of experience with working with cross-cultural teams in international companies. She assists expats in the transitions in expatriation processes whether with or without family. She also works with cultural intelligence for individuals and in cross-cultural teams, research about cross-cultural management and the future of global work environment and requirements.

Inge is also a speaker at conferences, seminars and network sessions and also writes about cultural aspects, global mobility and also holds a specific China focus. Inge’s academic background is a MA in Chinese studies with additional courses and educations within personality test tools and coaching.

Inge wishes to contribute to open up for the potential synergy effects of working professionally with cross-cultural challenges, establish social and professional networks and ensure everybody have the necessary tools to navigate and settle with success in a new cultural context. Managing expectations and clarification of goals are other important elements whether you are employee or expat partner and make it specific and visible what you gain personally and professionally from an expatriation.