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Global Talent: Onboarding & Retention

Our O.R.P. models are tailored to the individual employee and their family, in order to increase performance and mitigate the costs of voluntary turnover

O.R.P. - Onboarding & Retention Package

By partnering with HR and/or global mobility, we help to manage flex relocation allowances. Our proven method helps save both time and money by employing a holistic 360° approach

  • Flexibility from pre-departure through year 1
  • Practical/Psychological support
  • Entire family coverage
  • Expert leadership and know-how


Value Proposition

The average cost of voluntary turnover of a global talent: 500.000 kr.

The cost of our standard TARP package: 100.000 kr.
(1 pre-departure card and 5 cards for the first year)

Any reduction of voluntary turnover above 20% means savings for the company.


Package Breakdown


  • Core-flex support for obligatory and optional practicalities
  • Proactive approach
  • Integration/re-integration screen and plan for entire family
  • Expected outcomes:
    • Clear expectations
    • Ideal solution for children
    • Tailored and realistic language plan
    • Identifying key stakeholders and groups

0-18 months

  • Integration/re-integration/maximising employee experience
  • Enhancing work performance
  • Decrease voluntary turnover
    • Managing culture shock
    • Ensuring academic success and well-being
    • Overseeing tailored language plan
    • Facilitating and growing key contacts
    • Managing the integration process

Case example of our Onboarding & Retention Package

A family of 4 consisting of a Danish husband, Canadian wife, two kids ages 9, 11 coming back from Singapore.
Needs: Language learning for spouse and kids, housing, coaching: transition and culture shock, contacts to social networks, designing purposeful life for the spouse who left a career to move to Denmark.

Pre-boarding Intervention:
Pre-departure clip with 10 hours of services focusing on the practical and psychological needs with our team and partners, including housing, language placement, educational consultancy, and transition coaching.
Outcome: Exceeded expectations, all stakeholders needs met, assignee starts onboarding at job with minimal external stressors.

Onboarding: 5 clip cards:
Tailored linguistic plan for the family. Professional and social network assistance. Coaching on mitigating culture shock, facilitating buddy with repat family, as well as educational guidance.
Outcome: The employee and family achieved a high level of well being and belonging. This helped promote better work performance and substantially mitigate the risk of voluntary turnover, thus protecting the talent investment (on average, this investment exceeds 500.000 kr.).